#InsideOut Christmas Campaign

#InsideOut Campaign

At Ubuntu Football our mission is "to mentor the next generation of great African leaders, society-changers and footballers." To complete this mission we work to see Growth in every area of the boys' lives, but we have realized that only by dealing with their past and present struggles today, can we help them move into a better future tomorrow.

Our boys’ lives have been filled with abuse, neglect, drug and alcohol abuse, death of family members and more, but no one has ever given them a space to think through and deal with these issues. Ubuntu is a Family and rather than treat the symptoms we want to treat the inside of the person and through that see the outside get changed as well. Thus, the name of our campaign, #InsideOut.

Our solution is to bring in a counselor(s) to the academy. Having a counselor readily available to provide professional help where we cannot is going to be an incredible tool for us to help our boys. We hope to raise $4000 to start a fund that can cover group and individual counseling sessions for the next couple of years. A donation of $25 will cover a single session and create a step on the path to a better future. Come along side us this Christmas by giving to help change the Ubuntu boys' lives and then Share our cause with your family and friends.

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